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About Online Gambling

Other pursuits is a section about other gambling related games that take place outside the casinos, like betting on sporting events, your weekly gambling horoscopes and even jokes about gambling.

Our goal at Casino Gambling Forums is not to just give you information on games available to you in the casinos, but to help you enjoy all aspects of gambling.

The foods offered to players during a friendly poker game at your house can have a big affect on the overall poker experience. Let us say that you order pizza maybe someone does not like all the toppings that everyone else wanted, their unhappiness may cause them to go home early or just not play well.

In this section you can find the recipes our writers have found to be the best at their poker games each one of these recipes has been tried at a poker game. There have been several recipes that have not made the cut for this section.

This is also the section where we have posted a list of popular games that are usually not found in most casinos. These games can vary from Sic Bo a dice game that is no longer popular in casinos to war the child's game but in this version we show you how to turn it into a gambling game between you and your friends.

If you have any recommendations for something that would be a good idea for this section or any other section please send your recommendation to info (at)

Sports betting is a popular form of gambling that many people find interest in. the main idea is to predict the results of any sports game or match by making a bet on the outcome of the sporting event or on other different factors of the event.

Legal Status

In many countries, gambling on sports is forbidden. In North America, for example, you cannot bet on basketball, football or other sports leagues because it's prohibited. In other countries, the UK for example, sports betting is an honorable tradition and bookmakers are respected and highly regulated.

Obviously, like in any other form of gambling, there are criminal elements that try to take a bite from the cake, but since there are very strict rules and regulations in all the major sports leagues, they cannot compete with legal and authorized sports betting agents and the cases of fixed sports matches are usually a rare phenomenon.

Online Sports Betting

During the last decade many people started to use virtual sportsbooks instead of land-based bookmakers.

The reason for this change is simple: online sports betting websites offer updated information, excellent statistics and great service, and since people search for the best options that they can find, when it comes to their money, no one can compete with the reliability and integrity of the major online sports gambling websites.

If you're still unfamiliar with the world of online gambling, you definitely should check it out. All the best sports betting websites can offer you reliable wagering experience. After you'll try it once, you'll understand why so many people prefer it over land-based sportsbooks.

The online gaming industry is always busy developing new technologies that will enable players to enhance their gaming experience. Many people believe that the future of the gaming industry is mobile gambling.

At the moment, there aren't many mobile communication companies that offer those services, but the future seems bright because the technology is getting better and better each and every day.

The Benefits

There are many benefits for mobile gambling, both for the players and the suppliers of those services. First of all, availability is exactly what makes this technology so great. Players can use the wireless platform in almost every location, a thing that makes it convenient and easy to use.

Instead of being bored when you wait for the bus or the train, or even during long flights, players can hook up to their gaming service and enjoy their favorite casino games.

The Future

There is a long way till this technology will be as big as the online gaming industry. As for now, many games are offered and you can play poker, blackjack, roulette, slots, bingo, lottery and other games on your mobile phone.
But we have to admit that the mobile software has a long way to go through, until it'll be as powerful and entertaining as the virtual gaming software.

Software programmers are working on new Java features that will improve the gaming experience and will enhance the interactive nature of those games.

The future looks bright for the wireless mobile gambling industry.