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Online Casino Games Real Money

Online casino games are usually divided into categories such as card games, table games, slots, video poker and other games.

The table games are those that are played on tables and include craps and roulette. The card games include popular games like blackjack, baccarat and poker and some games like Red Dog, Casino war and Let It Ride that are not usually played in land casinos.

There is no doubt that online casino gaming is an offshoot of brick and mortar casinos. Hence it is not surprising that online casino games are largely based on the gambling games in land casinos.

Online Slots

Slots are one of the most popular online casino games. The software technology used in slots today has taken the game to a level way beyond the slot games on electro mechanical slot machines. Video poker is one game that has been developed for the online gaming industry.

It is a cross between slots and poker and matches dealt poker hands with those in a payout table and pays out accordingly. The other games include games like Scratchcard, keno and bingo that are used more as fillers.

Roulette Games

There is one major difference between land based casinos and online casinos. Land based casino games use physical means to generate randomness. In card games it is the decks of cards; in roulette it is the roulette wheel; in craps it is a pair of dice, in slots it is the spinning reels and in keno and bingo balls are drawn at random. In online casinos a Random Number Generator is used for all games.

The random Number generator keeps generating a series of random numbers, which are then converted to playing cards, or roulette number or slots combinations as required by the game.

The advantage of software based online casino games is that many variations can be played in the same casino. An example of this can be seen in roulette. In America roulette is played with both 0 and 00 on the wheel, whereas in Europe there is only 0.

Besides in French casinos there is a rule called La Partage in which half the even money bets are refunded if a 0 is called. However most online casinos play all three variants of roulette and therefore a person sitting in any country can play any form of online roulette.

Real Money Games

Another way online casino games are classified is free games and real money games. In free games players do not use their own funds but are given a number of credits to play with. Free games enable players who do not want to wager to enjoy casino gambling. They also allow players to learn the ropes without having to lose money. In real money games the players transfer funds to casinos and can withdraw their winnings.

Instant Casino Games

Online casinos have casino games that can be played instantly or can be downloaded on their computers. Instant play games have the advantage that they do not clutter up the players’ computers, are ready to play much faster and can be played on most operating systems.

However casinos usually do not offer their full range of games in instant play versions. Downloadable games are presently available only for Windows, but since they use the full memory of the computer they can have more features and also play at faster speeds than instant play games.