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Online Craps

The popular table game known as Online Craps Games or Bank Craps (which is the version played in casinos), is a dice game that is hugely popular in casinos across the world, especially the US.

This game is thought to be one of the most exciting casino games with its fast pace and exciting, unpredictable outcomes. Here is the recommended Inetbet Online Casino to play Craps for real money.

online craps

Craps Games

This game is purely chance, however, there are various betting strategies that are available to help players make the most out of the game. In land-based casinos, it is very common to hear a lot of noise around the craps table with people yelling and encouraging higher wagers. This is because of the extremely fun nature of the game.

The dice that are used in a game of craps are made according to very strict standards. It is important that the dice are not biased. To ensure this, the casinos have a strict rule to replace their dice after every eight hours of play. In addition, they are periodically inspected for damage, and there are strict rules governing the way the player handles the dice.

These concerns do not apply to the online version of the game, but there are some strict regulations to ensure that the outcome is truly random.

Once the players place their bets, the game begins and the shooter picks up the dice and shoots it. The shooter must shoot the dice only with one hand. When the dice are thrown, they must hit the other end of the table.

If the dice fall off the table, they are inspected before the can be played again. The shooter’s first roll is called the come out roll, and this determines the remaining game.

Craps Table Wagers

The game of craps is played on a special table. This table at first sight looks incredibly complicated, which deters many players from playing the game, however once you get to know the layout of the table, the game of craps become incredibly easy to play. In fact, what many people do not realize is that the layout of the craps table is actually quite simple.

The first thing that must be noted about the craps table is that both sides of the table are identical. This is to allow for a larger number of players to take part in the proceedings at a single table.

The different areas of the table are marked with the different kinds of bets that are allowed. Players then place their bets in the appropriate areas.

There are a large number of possibilities in terms of the kinds of wagers that can be placed, which is why the table appears complicated.

Craps Betting

The side areas of the table contain the demarcations that allow for the Pass and Don’t Pass line bets, odds bets, Field Bets, Place Bets as well as the Come and Don’t Come bets. Both sides of the table share the center area. The center
area is where players can place the Proposition bets.

The best way to learn the nuances of the table is to observe the playing of the game for a while before embarking on your own first game. Since the game does not require any special skills, once you have a mastery over the layout of the
table and the various bets that can be placed you will be able to play the game well.

Craps Odds

The next thing to learn about the game of craps is the various wagering options that exist in the game. There are approximately forty different kinds of wagers that can be placed in the game of craps, however for beginners, an
understanding of the Passline bets is sufficient to begin playing.

Of the different kinds of bets, many of these bets have very low odds, so understanding the bets and the odds will go a long way to ensure some level of success at playing craps. If a player wants to shoot the dice, then he/she is required to make a Passline bet or a Don’t Pass bet.

These are all called the line bets and are based on the point that can be made.The Pass Line Bet is the most basic bet in craps.

This bet is a wager that the shooter will make the point number that they choose. If the outcome of the roll is either Seven or Eleven, the passline bet is said to have been won. Rolls of 2, 3 and twelve are called crapping out rolls and the player loses the wager.

When there is some other number that is rolled, the shooter establishes what is known as a point. If the shooter manages to roll one more point before the shooter rolls a seven, then the bet wins. If the seven is rolled before the point, the player loses the bet.

There is another kind of bet that is called a Don’t Pass Line bet. This bet is against the shooter rolling a point. In this case, a seven or eleven loses, a come out roll of 2, 3 results in the player winning. If the player rolls a 12, then there is a draw. If a point is established and the player rolls another point before a seven, then the Don’t Pass bet will lose.

The third kind of bet is the Pass odds. In the come out roll, if the shooters rolls either a 10, 9, 8, 6, 5 or 4, then players who wager a passline bet are allowed to make another bet behind the passline which can be worth up to five times the initial bet. Both the bets will win if the shooter rolls another point before the seven. The complementary wager to this is the Don’t Pass odds which is offered to players who have wagered a Don’t Pass Line Bet.

Apart from this, there are the Come and Don’t Come bets. The Come bet is in two different rounds, and is similar to the Pass line bet. The Don’t Come bets are the two round versions of the Don’t Pass line bets.

The Center of the table is dominated by the proposition bets. These bets are also called the single roll bets because a single roll of the dice determines them. There are many kinds of proposition bets like the Snake Eyes (the shooter rolls a two), Ace-Deuce, YO (player rolls 11), Boxcars (a roll of 12), Hi-Low (either 2 or 12), any Craps (2, 3 or 12), and C&E (half wager on craps and half on yo).

There are many other types of proposition bets which will become more familiar as you keep playing the game.