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Gambling Addiction - admin - 09-12-2022

Gambling, be it online or at your favorite casino in Vegas, is supposed to be fun. However, there are people that abuse it just as there are those who abuse alcohol, drugs, sex and even food. I tell my friends and others to never bet more than they can afford to lose.

When they do it is no longer fun; instead, for some it turns into a challenge to regain those loses. They just do not know when to walk away from a game of chance or the poker tables.

There are those that say we should ban all forms of gambling because of addition, but I say that we should not make laws against something only because of addiction. Do we ban alcohol because of alcoholics? Do we ban sweets because of those that are overweight due to overeating? Of course not, instead we have sources they can go to for help.

Gambling addition can have an impact on friends and family. We have all heard the story’s of someone who has lost their house, car or spouse because they blew their last dollar on a “sure bet.” And some have borrowed money from friends to only lose it in a poker game and never repay the loan back.

But there is help for them at places like Gamblers Anonymous for those in the U.S. or GamCare for those in the UK. There is even a site that blocks access to online gambling at GamBlock.

If you know someone who may be suffering from a gambling addiction please let them know there are support groups for them. Help is only a website away…