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Online Bookies
Over the past few years there has been an explosion in betting offices by Online Bookies opening across the UK, this massive expansion by many of the industries leading players has led them to give their betting offices a complete new look.

[Image: ?AffiliateCode=365_077862&CID=194&DID=35...=149&LNG=1]

It is fair to say however that the real reason so many of these UK Bookies are opening more and more outlets is that the popularity of the Fixed Odds Betting Terminals which allow players to play a range of gambling games has had a huge effect of their profitability, and most of these betting shops earn their profit from these machines and not the usual over the counter wagers.

Each bookmakers shop is permitted a maximum of four of these fixed odds betting terminals and you will often find several (bet365) bookmakers from the same company opening in the same town or city, as this allows them to increase the number of these terminals and therefore increase UK Bookies profit potential.

But if you do fancy an old fashioned wager, then a visit to your local betting office can be quite a pleasant one, they are fresh looking, well decorated venues and since the smoking ban came in they offer a non smoky atmosphere and often you can grab yourself a free beverage or snack.

Huge flat screen televisions are often the centre piece of these new look bookmakers shops, and with comfy arm chairs, friendly staff and a whole host of live betting opportunities you could get carried away and stay for hours!

There can be a lot of value to be had though if you are prepared to do a little shopping around, just like value seekers will trawl from supermarket to supermarket to get the best priced items, by visiting several different bookmakers shops you can often find daily specials, money back offers and even best odds guaranteed races at top rated UK Bookies.

In fact one of the bigger bookmaking chains have recently introduced a loyalty type scheme where by you earn points every time you place a wager and you can then exchange these points for free bets, bigger odds and a whole host of extras.

Due to the popularity of the fixed odds betting terminals you can also find a lot of bookmakers offering special tournaments, you simply need to visit the shop, and they will credit you with a certain number of free play credits on the machine and you have a set amount of time to play it and try and win as much as you can, if you achieve the highest “winnings score” in the UK Bookies shop then you are awarded a cash prize or a free bet.

But probably the best value you are going to find, and one that requires you the minimum of effort, is for you to simply visit the online betting websites of the major UK bookmakers, these are listed on the right hand side of this page, and in a few clicks you can find the best odds, all the daily special offers and all manner of free betting information, and there is no need to trawl along your high street to do so, you can do it all from the comfort of your armchair!

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