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Online Slot Games
Slots are amongst the most rewarding and entertaining of casino games. With huge jackpots, thousands of fun themes and many variations on a seemingly simple theme it’s easy to see why they account for half of all casino games played.

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For traditionalists, online slots still provide the classic format of three spin reels without any bonus features, the bar bar bar slot is one most people are familiar with that falls into the classic category. But, particularly online, it’s the video slots that most players are interested in.

Playing online gives an extra degree of versatility in bonus games that more and more frequently incorporate graphical mini-games, sometimes even with an element of skill.

The theme is the first thing that attracts players to a particular online slot machine. These cater for every imagineable taste, and because the machines are virtual there can be many thousands available at the same online casino so you are sure to find one to your liking. Online slots themes can include anything from sports and movies to Atlantis, cocktails or pirates!

Online video slots have five reels and multiple paylines. Obviously the more paylines you choose the greater chance you have to win big every spin. Usually there are a total of between 9 and 25 paylines on a standard slot game, but amazingly some can go up to one hundred paylines producing some truly thrilling spins!

As with any other type of slot game, online video slots pay out based on a paytable with prizes depending on how many symbols you can match per payline, with rarer symbols paying out bigger prizes.

The big draw with video slots though are the bonus symbols, bonus games and progressive jackpots. Bonus symbols on the wheel include wildcards which substitute for any symbol and further double or triple the pay line.

There are also scatter bonuses which don’t form part of the pay line but pay out beyond the confines of the pay line regardless of where they are on the play area. Getting three or more of these scatter symbols, as well as paying out a prize, give access to the bonus game where the fun really heats up.

In the bonus games you are whisked away to a special screen that can feature all manner of mini games, sometimes nominally skill based, sometimes as simple as selecting boxes, with prizes ranging from free spins, large multipliers or a chance at an enormous progressive jackpot.

Because these features are virtual the graphics and interaction are increasingly immersive and provide levels of entertainment unseen before the internet age.

Progressive jackpots are the most alluring feature of online slots. In progressive jackpot games you are no longer playing in isolation between you and the casino, you are playing with thousands of other players, each contributing a small amount each spin towards a huge progressive jackpot total.

With so many online players, these jackpots often reach multiples of millions of dollars before someone wins the prize.

Online slots today represent the most fun and the most rewarding experience for casino gamers of all levels, and is why they will long remain the king of casino games.

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