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Online Slot Machine Terms
Here you can find the most common slot game terms which are related with slots gambling that we use in online and offline casinos. It not that important to know about what these mean to be able to play but its good to know each and everything about slots and terms used for it. You won’t face any type of difficulty in case you see such terms during your play.

Bonus Feature – It is a special feature that you can see in new slot machines that will instantly grant you free slot spins or a game bonus once activated and will enable you to win some extra coins at Zodiac Casino.

Coins Size - It is the fix amount of your each bet on most machines and you can play more than one coin.

Free Spins - These are that type of spins which are awarded for free when a definite combination appear on the screen.

Hold – It is a house profit or percentage of coins played that is held by the machine and can be up to 3% to 15.

Hit Frequency – It refers the frequency at which winning spins occur.

Hopper – You can see the use of this term mostly in offline casinos slot machines and is used for the place where the coins you put in are stored.

Fill - When hoppers run out of coins, you call a Fill attendant, who gets a bag of coins from the cashier and refills the empty hopper.

Hold and Re-Spin – It’s a slot version that allows the player to hold one or more reels and spin a second time with the goal of improving the result.

Multi-line – It’s that version of slots that offer more than two pay lines to form winning combinations.

Pay line – It refers to the middle of the slot window and can be more then one or two.

Progressive Jackpot – It’s a top prize that grows as the number of players playing those specific games increases.

RNG-Random Number Generator - A chip that is placed inside the slot by the manufacturer that enables to generate random numbers and symbols every second at a
very high rate.

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