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Online Slots vs Landbased Casino Slots
When it comes to playing slot machines no one person can say whether online slots or land based slots are better. It really all depends on what the person playing the slot machines is looking to get out of the experience.

[Image: image.aspx]

However, there are many things about online slot machines that have led many players to feel that they are a better choice for them. Here are some of the reasons why so many people have come to the decision that the online slot machines are best for them:

One thing a lot of people like about the online slot machines is the convenience they have to offer. Players can log on and play anytime they feel like it without needing to make arrangements to go to the land based casino. This is great for those players who don’t live near an online casino. Players can also enjoy playing the slot machines for just a few minutes if that’s all the time they have to play.

[Image: image.aspx]

Convenience is very important today with most people living such busy lifestyles and this is one way which online slot machines are definitely more accommodating.

Another thing many online players like about the online slot machines is the online casinos generally post the payout percentages where the players can see them.

This allows the players to be able to compare the different online casinos so they can choose one that has a higher payout percentage.

Also, many of the online casinos offer higher payouts for their slot players and they can do this since they have a much lower overhead than the land based casinos do.

Players are also able to take advantage of a lot of other features online casinos offer such as initial deposit bonuses, online slot tournaments, and more.

There are those players who will always prefer the atmosphere the land based casinos have to offer. However, more people each day are finding that the online slots are the better choice for them.

They like being in control of their gaming atmosphere, having a larger selection, the freedom to play where and when they want, and everything else the online slot machines have to offer.

The best thing for a player to do is to give the online slot machines a try; they may just find that they prefer them to the land based slot machines.

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