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Online Video Poker How to Win
The first thing you should checkout when playing a video poker game is the payout table, for it is this alone that will decide whether you have a winning session!
Most players are blissfully unaware that some casinos have different paytables than other ones so it is vital you always check them before you start to play or you could be throwing your money away.
The most popular video poker game is Jacks or Better and the best paytable is one that returns a payout of 99.54%. This is easy to check and the full paying video poker paytable will give you the following:
A Royal flush should pay 800 coins, a Straight flush should pay 50, a Four of a kind should pay 25, a Full house should pay 9, a Flush should pay 6.
The smaller payouts should pay the following amounts, a Straight should pay 4 coins, a Three of a kind 3, a Two pair should pay 2 and a Jacks or better should pay 1.
So if a video poker game has lower payouts than those listed above then you know what to do, move on and find one that does!
Another valuable tip when playing any video poker game is to always make sure you play the maximum number of coins per game, the reason for this is that some video poker variants has enhanced payouts for getting certain hand combinations on max coins.
 As with every other casino game always join up to the casinos comp club before you start to play as this will get you free money based on all your real money action.

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