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Home Poker Games

Get to know how to Play various poker games
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Home Poker Games

Postby Admin » Sat Jul 29, 2017 8:27 pm

Can you imagine that once upon a time people used to gather around a three dimensional poker table to enjoy a game of poker and the company of each other?

Now that playing poker online is considered a felony, it is about time to return to good old home poker games. Here is a step to step guide for hosting a home poker game.

How to Host a Home Poker Game

First, decide on the type of poker game, whether Texas Holdem, seven card stud, or any other poker variation, the number of participants and whether you would be playing for real money or just for fun.

If you decide to play for real money, you should verify that playing poker for cash is legal according to your local authority regulations.

In case real money poker games is illegal, you can find fun alternative rules that would allow you to enjoy a fun poker night while maintaining the competitive nature of the game, for example, forcing the player with the lowest hand to buy everybody drinks, and so on.

The equipment needed is a poker table, poker chips, playing cards, drinks and snacks. If you want to create an authentic card room feel, add a dealers button to the list.

If more than 10 players are invited to the poker party, you should add an extra table and at least one more card deck.

The minimal amount of poker chips is about 40 per player. Since plastic chips are very inexpensive, it is better to be stuck with too much than getting to the situation of not having enough.

As for food, if you do not want the cards to be marked with greasy stains, you should get prepared accordingly. You can either serve the food before or after the game or serve foods of the type that do not leave any marks.

As for drinks, unless you have a professional poker table with cup holders, do not place them on the table where they are doomed to be spilled over the community cards.

Check that all of your guests are familiar with the game rules and the denomination of the poker chips. If there are newbie players among your guests, you should demonstrate a couple of hands just to get them into the action.

Name one of the guests to play the dealer. If you have enough card decks, you can also appoint another player to shuffle the extra card deck while the other one is being played. It is more fun to play in a fast paced poker game.

If there are enough players to open more than one poker table, you can make it an elimination tournament style of game with the players who remains in the final stages of the game would move on to one table while the weeded out players would start a new game.

Finally, do not forget that whether you are playing for real money or for clay chips, whether you are playing against novice players or you are having the toughest competition, home poker game is just an excuse to enjoy a great evening with your friends.

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