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Online Sportsbooks Taking Bets on War in Gaza

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Online Sportsbooks Taking Bets on War in Gaza

Postby Admin » Sat Jul 29, 2017 8:55 pm

In recent days Hamas has practically taken over the entire Gaza strip.

Yesterday they managed to successfully take over 2 of the city's 3 hospitals, they managed to take over Fatah's Gaza based television station after Fatah had almost managed to take over the Hamas TV station until Hamas reinforcements arrived and managed to stop the attackers, and several small bases and their stronghold in northern Gaza.

Recently with the breakdown of several ceasefires from the 2 sides, and the ignoring of calls to stop shooting several of online Sportsbooks have begun t take bets on who will be the winner of this battle.

Today Hamas has announced that in 48 hours all Fatah soldiers must surrender or they will be killed.

This declaration has caused a jump in the amount of bets for Hamas, until Monday the betting had been about half and half but now the people betting on Hamas to win are pulling way out in front.

The way the odds stand right now a 1 dollar bet will get you $1.50 back, but a 1 dollar bet on Fatah will get you a return of 2 dollars.

Talk of putting a group of international peacekeepers into Gaza to stop arms from being smuggled thru the Philadelphi Corridor is still only in the preliminary stages, but will be one of the topics discussed when Israeli Prime Minister Olmert visits the United States to Meet with President Bush next week.

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