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How to Convince kids Not to Gamble

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How to Convince kids Not to Gamble

Postby Admin » Sat Jul 29, 2017 8:58 pm

How anti gambling ads can backfire, and ways to make them more effective.

According to a recent study if you do not want kids to gambles the last thing you want to do is tell them "Don't do it".

The study used over 30 different focus groups in different parts of Canada in Ontario and Montreal. The study found that it was fairly simple for an ad trying to warn kids of the dangers of gambling could very easily have the exact opposite effect and actually make kids want to gamble.

Two of the heads of the study came to the conclusions that teenagers will reject a one- sided campaign as unrealistic. They do not respond in a positive way to the phrase "Do not do it". If the add is over played it will become annoying.

The study showed that by showing kids the negative sides to gambling like loss of sleep, missing school or work, harm to those who care about you, emotional stress, and the financial cost of gambling would be a much more effective tool to battle gambling with teens.

The kids also showed concern that the government, sworn to protect them, makes money from gambling, and the gambling industry did not escape criticism in the study. One 10th grade girl said ads should discuss how the casinos manipulate people into gambling, and how much money the casinos make by doing this.

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