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Casino Forced to Pay out Underage Gambler

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Casino Forced to Pay out Underage Gambler

Postby Admin » Sat Jul 29, 2017 8:59 pm

An American owned casino in Macau was forced to pay a jackpot to the family of an underage gambler

The casinos of Macau are all in favor of the tougher security rules after a 16 year old girl won a jackpot on a Slot Machine in one of the city's super casinos.

Some people are saying that the new rules will help the casinos to rid themselves of the "Wild West" image they have now, once the new measured go into effect, by forcing them to take better security measures in their casinos.

The casino in Macau will face stiffer penalties for having underage minors in the casinos gambling, after a casino was forced to pay a 16 year old girl who won the jackpot in one of the city's casinos.

The casino had originally refused to pay the girl because she was under age she as not allowed to gamble, therefore they felt no need to pay her the winnings, but after the gaming watchdog the Gaming Inspection and Coordinating Board got involved the casino decided to pay the girl's mother the $120,000 jackpot.

The casino said they feel that the new rules will not effect them at all and that this instance of an underage player in the casino was an isolated incident that will not be repeated.

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