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Possible Smoking Ban in Colorado Casinos

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Possible Smoking Ban in Colorado Casinos

Postby Admin » Sat Jul 29, 2017 9:00 pm

The Colorado House is looking into a bill to stop all smoking in casinos

In Colorado they first went after smoking in bars and now they are looking to clean the air in the casinos next. A bill is making the rounds in the Colorado House and if passed will go to the Senate.

The bill is aimed at removing the waver that is allowing players to smoke in the casinos, and bring them inline with the states indoor clean air act.

Most smokers who were asked about this move said they would not mind and that it would probably make the casinos more enjoyable for non smokers and smokers.

Many of the gamblers we spoke with, who would be cleared out of casinos for smoke breaks, seem to be behind the move. One woman even said that even though she is a life long smoker the second hand smoke in the casinos even with the ventilation and with the doors open is sometimes too much.

Casinos are one of the last public places in Colorado that you can still light up indoors. Regulars at the casino who work in smoke free bars say they enjoy work more now. They are breathing better and don?t always smell from smoke.

Some casinos are already trying to stop this bill saying it will cut their profits by as much as 30%, but most smokers have said they would continue to play in a smoke free casino and that having to go outside to smoke would probably be better for the casinos and for the players.

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