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Israel Makes first Online Gambling Related Arrest

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Israel Makes first Online Gambling Related Arrest

Postby Admin » Sat Jul 29, 2017 9:02 pm

Israel makes its intentions clear; Online Gambling will not be tolerated here.

In a move mirroring the recent trends towards online gambling in the USA, Israel has fired their first shots in their war against online gambling.

An Israeli Judge has recently ruled that overseas based online casinos that take bets from people inside Israel, where gambling is illegal is breaking the law, no matter what country the offending company is based out of.

The top prosecutor in all of Israel had made it very clear back in December that online gambling in Israel is against the law, but he really brought that point home this week when a major online gambling companies CEO was arrested in Israel, as they show the world if you ignore their laws you will go to jail for it.

Israel seems to be taking its lead from the USA's online gambling ban that was signed into law in October of 2006 by President George W Bush.

One Israeli official said "If you operate an online casino that takes bets from Israeli citizens then you better not step foot on our soil or you will go to jail and experience our legal system" and also added "If you choose to ignore this warning then don't cry when we come for you."

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