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Failed Break in Attempt at Bookmakers

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Failed Break in Attempt at Bookmakers

Postby Admin » Sat Jul 29, 2017 9:10 pm

An attempt to break in to a Swindon Bookmakers safe was unsuccessful after they could not get the safe.

An attempted robbery at a Swindon Bookmaker caused almost $40,000 in damage by the amateur thieves.

The thieves used power tools to attempt to open the safe and several of the gambling machines at the bookmakers in the town of Coral in Victoria Road.

A day after the attempted break in on Friday night the show was closed all day Saturday.

A captain of the Swindon Police department said that the burglars must have used power tools and it must have made allot of noise, and that from the amount of damage done they must have been inside for quite a long time.

With the exceptions of some cans of coke the thieves must have been drinking when they were attempting to break into the safe, nothing was missing from the shop.

The shop owners are helping the police with their investigation.

Despite the fact that nothing was taken, and that the effort they must have put in to try to open the safe was for nothing, this is still a serious offence.

The store owner said "They weren't going to get anything because all our security procedures were in place."

According to police the thieves fled the store with nothing and that chances are they were agitated from all their efforts.

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