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Online Gaming Ban Conspiracy Rumors

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Online Gaming Ban Conspiracy Rumors

Postby Admin » Sat Jul 29, 2017 9:30 pm

Rumors about a conspiracy to put the overseas online casinos out of business.

Last week president Bush signed a bill to increase the security at our ports, and to ban money being transferred to online casinos and there is much talk about it.

Not even 1 week after the bill was signed and already rumors of a conspiracy between the American Casinos who have been kept from profiting from the 12 billion dollars a year that online gambling was bringing in, and the American Government.

The only evidence they offer is circumstantial at best.

They are saying that the Unlawful Internet Gaming Law was sneaked thru congress in a way to not let it leak out to the press before it could be passed, this is so no one could argue against it, many of the congress people were absent from the vote that passed the bill because they had already left for the fall break and the only bill that was scheduled for a vote was a bill to improve port security, that was sure to pass.

And it as this move that has fueled the Conspiracy rumors.

Those who believe in this conspiracy say that without Americans placing wagers online the existing 3000 overseas online casinos will surly dwindle down to maybe the top one or two hundred.

Then once a deal is made between the casinos and the government on a way to monitor and tax monies made online gambling, the American casinos, will be in the best position to market the American public.

It has been speculated that not only will the American casinos wind up with 95% of the American market, they will take over up to 70% of the foreign online gambling market, which in turn will bring in over 1 billion dollars a year in new taxes for the American government.

After having spoken to some of Washington's insiders they told me that it is very likely that if a deal can be struck where the United States can get tax money from online gambling then the law would probably be repealed.

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