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Gambling Ban is Signed By Bush

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Gambling Ban is Signed By Bush

Postby Admin » Sat Jul 29, 2017 9:31 pm

Bush signed law Friday banning money transfers from American banks to online casinos

Using the internet to place bets has now been made illegal, by a government trying to stop an activity with over 23 million American patrons, placing bets totaling more then 6 billion dollars last year.

The Bill Being called the unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, makes it a criminal act to transfer money using checks, credit cards or electronic fund transfers for the purpose of placing bets, and was attached to a bill improving port security that was signed by the President on Friday.

The law was designed to put the responsibility on the banking system to come up with a way to enforce the law, even though many different financial institutions are against the legislation.

The sponsor of the bill said he is against all forms of gambling because of its negative effects on society, but that he is especially against online betting, which is why he decided to write a draft of the proposed bill, once the bill was drafted the majority leader attached the gambling bill to a bill on increasing port security, a bill that was sure to pass, and guarantee the Anti online gambling bill to pass as well

The new law is really stirring up things in the world on online gambling. Some people are comparing this new law to banning sales of Toyota, BMW's and all other imported vehicles in the USA. One of Britain's spots betting companies said that 62 percent of their business is from American gamblers.

Many people think this bill will not really affect their ability to place bets online, saying they will jut use third party companies like Neteller or FirePay to continue placing their bets, but FirePay another British owned company has said it will no longer deal with the United States.

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